Smithsonian Education

The Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access (SCLDA) uses all the Smithsonian offers to empower learners to explore their own interests and collaborate with others to bring ideas to life. We create models and methods that make the Smithsonian a learning laboratory for everyone.

We provide extensive digital access to Smithsonian collections, programs, and learning resources to inspire the transmission and transformation of knowledge for the public good.

We enable users to explore and expand their own interests and create their own learning experiences.

We use strategic partnerships and innovative communication strategies and takes promising practices to scale to reach a larger audience.

We strive for continuous improvement by the measurement of impact through data collection, analysis, and transparent reporting.

We are committed to sharing innovations through rigorous open access digital research and publication.
SCLDA’s vision is to enable every learner to discover and use Smithsonian knowledge to achieve both personal and societal goals.

Source: Smithsonian Education – Welcome

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