Pope Francis @ Congress | full video & text | best bits

The full video and text (thank you PBS), plus video excerpts of our favorite bits. And everything the world knows about Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton, Martin Luther King, and Abraham Lincoln. Full Video Mr. Vice-President, Mr. Speaker, Honorable Members of Congress, Dear Friends, I am most grateful for your invitation to address this Joint Session of….

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Updates from leaders and communicators featured in this site, including Anders Sandberg, the Cambridge Center for the Study of Existential Risk, the Future of Humanity Institute, the Future of Life Institute, KurzweilAI, the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, Peter Diamandis, Singularity HUB, Singularity University, and the Singularity Weblog. Our Favorites Favorite Tweets by @THTScience Live feed from Futurists Tweets from https://twitter.com/THTScience/lists/futurists Live feed from Futu..