The Physics arXiv Blog

An alternative view of the best new ideas in science. Source: The Physics arXiv Blog — Medium Reviews   FIVE GREAT PHYSICS BLOGS – TELEGRAPH BLOGS The Physics ArXiv Blog itself is an incredibly useful repository of peer-reviewed articles on a great variety of scientific subjects. If you haven’t been there already, go now. I’ll….

Ask an Astronomer | Cornell University

Since they first stepped out of the proverbial cave, humans have always been intrigued by the beauty and wonder of the night sky and the almost infinite possibilities of space. Indeed, astronomy is both the closest and the most distant science from common experience. Every curious person who gazes at the night sky becomes an astronomer, and yet….

10 Scientific Laws & Theories You Really Should Know

by Jacob Silverman Scientists have many tools available to them when attempting to describe how nature and the universe at large work. Often they reach for laws and theories first. What’s the difference? A scientific law can often be reduced to a mathematical statement, such as E = mc²; it’s a specific statement based on empirical data, and….

Annenberg: Physics for the 21st Century

Explore the frontiers of physics research with the scientists on the front lines in this 11-unit course in modern physics for high school physics teachers, undergraduate students, and science enthusiasts. Dark matter, string theory, particle accelerators, and other big topics in modern physics come together in this 11-part multimedia course for high school physics teachers,….