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The Physics ArXiv Blog itself is an incredibly useful repository of peer-reviewed articles on a great variety of scientific subjects. If you haven’t been there already, go now. I’ll wait until you get back. It’s the perfect antidote to waffle and pseudo-science. Just type a couple of words from a questionable headline into the search engine and you’ll immediately be presented with a wealth of information on the subject, complete with actual evidence and respectable sources. It’s a joy.

The Physics ArXiv Blog presents an easily-digestible overview of the new and notable ideas that are being added to it so you can follow the world of academic science without searching for a particular subject.

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Way back in to 2002, long before bloggers wrote New York Times Magazine articles about themselves, anonymous blogging was all the rage. Since then, blogging has become a route to stardom, or least something resembling niche fame, so just about everyone proclaims their identity on every piece of content.

Set in this context, we stumbled upon the arXiv blog, which we think provides the best physics coverage around, usually based on papers posted to the open-access archive. The blog contains no trace of real-world identity, aside from a deep grasp of physics. The site’s proprietor only goes by the name Kentucky FC. (“Fried chicken? Footcandle? Football club?” he wonders.)

We love the blog and want to work with its creators, but they have not responded to’s emails. So, we’re turning to you, readers, for a crowdsourced investigation. If you help us determine the real identity of this blogger, there might be even be a prize in it for you.

Does anyone know who this Kentucky FC is and how we could contact him/her/them? Is she a famous physicist? An undiscovered Einstein? A graduate student dithering away another year hoping to delay having to settle for a tenure-track position in some cold, inhospitable clime?

And Kentucky, if you’re out there, we love your special sauce. Call, write, or IM. We just want to talk. Promise.

Source: Who Is the Anonymous Author of the Web’s Best Physics Blog? | WIRED

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